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FILCO Majestouch Ninja TKL (Cherry MX Red) Keyboard?

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12th Mar 2015

For that money, you may as well consider the Filco’s.

Its basically up there at the top of the Cherry MX keyboards in terms of build quality and highly, highly regarded by the keyboard enthusiast groups.

It does nothing special. Its just rock solid, well built and very sleek. Comes with Ninja keys like the link, or normal keys.

I’ve owned a number of mechanicals, used many of the popular choices, and I will honestly say its worth googling and watching some reviews.

Comes in (at least) Red, Browns and Blues. As a nice subtle touch, the indicator LEDs on the red switched ones are red too. That’s about as ‘snazzy’ as it gets.. 😀

However, I’ll point out that the price for the one I linked is actually very good. Normally they float from $150-200.