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FILCO Majestouch Minila Air (Cherry MX Brown) Keyboard?

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23rd Jun 2017

I’m facing this too.

At this stage I’m considering the Apple Magic Keyboard, the Logitech K811 (has backlighting which I like), and maybe the Firco Magestouch Minila Air

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18th Aug 2016


>Super compact. A handful of keys have multiple functions. Took a while to get used to it, but I type faster on this thing than traditional keyboards now.

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7th Mar 2016

> or this filco http://www.amazon.com/Majestouch-Tactile-Bluetooth-Keyboard-FFBT67M/dp/B00F3V81VG

Now I remember stumbling upon that one. Everything looked perfect, apart from those function keys. They seem to be positioned in a way that begs for missing the spacebar.

Will look into Matias, cheers.

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4th Jun 2015

I use this one which is 60% layout, it’s wireless (uses Bluetooth 3.0) and via dip switches you can enable Mac mode (changes Win key to Command and Alt keys to Option)

I ordered mine with Cherry MX browns and love them. I don’t miss any of the absent keys, the two Fn keys let me reach any of the other layers effortlessly and another dip switch mode let’s you turn any or both of the FN keys to space if you feel the space bar is too small.

Go see some videos.

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13th May 2015

Contrary to what everyone is saying, I think a Surface 3 might be a good companion to your desktop. Consuming web content is much nicer on a large touch screen in my opinion and Netflix and Spotify will run fine. I haven’t used Skype on mine, but Hangouts ate through my battery and got my SP3 really worked up. I haven’t done anything too intense with Photoshop, but it has worked well enough for minor photo editing.

Also, remember the SP3 only has one USB port and the port is very low power (don’t try to charge a phone through it). I have the type cover and use it regularly (the trackpad is really bad if you’re used to MacBooks), but I also have a BT Mechanical Keyboard that I’d probably recommend for portability.

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4th Dec 2015

Your options are pretty limited, there are very few BT boards.

Filco Minila Air – $164 @ Amazon

There’s also the Varmilo VB660M but I don’t know where you can reliably get one.

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10th Feb 2015

Actually this is the one I have. It’s $149 new.

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30th Jan 2015

Filco Minila Air is the easiest to catch — Amazon. It’s small and very well built, although the layout is a little quirky.

There is also Varmilo VB660M, but it’s much harder to find it.

If you’re into tinkering, you can buy a Poker or KBP V60 and add Bluetooth to it yourself – thread 1 thread 2.

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19th Jan 2015

Yes, just not actually purchased anything yet.

Miracast looks promising for whole-UI casting, last Roku supports it as well as some Blue-Ray players. The best “dedicated” receivers in order seem to be

the MS Wireless Display Adapter

Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro, ScreenBeam Mini 2

Lots of cheaper ones available, but in this category YGWYPF seems to apply

Here’s some raw notes on keyboards:

bluetooth keyboards

Ultimate mechanicals

? http://kbtalkingusa.com/

Filco Majestouch Convertible 2

Bluetooth 3.0

full-sized layout

Cherry MX blue, brown, black, and red switches.
Brown (damped)

switch between USB and one of four Bluetooth sources with Fn+number key shorcuts

DIP switches let you disable the Windows key and swap the Ctrl and Caps Lock keys, among other things


Filco Majestouch Minila Air Bluetooth Mechanical 67 Key Keyboard Black

Cherry MX Brown Switches




Other Filco


pretty good:



Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480
very compact, chiclet but specialized, build quality