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29th Jul 2018

Hey wanted to get some input if you don’t mind.

The 2nd gen is currently $350 on amazon. $50 over my budget but I’d spend it, however…

The 1st gen is currently $200. With the extra $100 I could buy a cheap DAC/AMP combo for portable use and a case.

Wondering if you feel the 2nd gen is worth $150 more, or if the 1st gen + DAC/AMP would be as good for $50 less.

Because of reasons, I have to buy off amazon and in the next few days.

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1st Mar 2018

can i expect


to remove the loud white noise i have when listening to my phone/laptop with sensitive IEMs?

Can it also be used as a standalone dac to feed into an o2 amp?

Thank you

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24th Mar 2017

The AKG M220 is has an impedance of 55 Ohm and 104dB/V sensitivity.

You need at least something like a FiiO Q1 to properly drive the M220.

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21st Oct 2016

Not sure what kind of headphones you’re looking to drive and I don’t have one to sell but I have a Fiio Q1 and it works great and is pretty well priced ($69.99). It also has a built in battery which makes it nice and portable. runs off battery by default but if you want to just keep it plugged in via usb you can leave it in ‘charge mode’ (there is a switch near the usb port) it’ll work great and you won’t need to worry about battery.

Fiio also has other versions that are strictly AMPs without the DAC part (like the A3 or A1) that are a bit cheaper but it all really depends on what you are trying to do exactly and what form factor you need.

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18th Aug 2016

>wil das billiger ist. Du kannst den DAC nicht separat zum”Abspeilgerät” kaufen. Also musst du evtl zum high end gerät für 350+ € greifen nur weil du den guten DAC haben willst.

>Der DAC an sich ist ja eh sehr billig und wenn es mal standard für KHs ist, dann gibt es viel Wettbewerb in dem Bereich. Also wieder der KH um >10€ teurer dafür kannst du auf jedem Abspeilgerät pb tablet, pc oder smartphone die gute Klangqualität haben.

Natürlich kann ich das: Beispiel. Mir ging es allerdings auch um einen guten DAC in einem Abspielgerät, also intern, kein externes Gerät. Jedes Gerät, welches digitale Musik über einen analogen Anschluss (bspw. Klinke) weitergeben kann hat notwendigerweise einen eingebauten DAC.

Soweit ich weiß entscheiden (mehr oder weniger) 2 Faktoren bei einem Smartphone/MP3-Player/etc. darüber, wie gut der Sound ist, der an der Audiobuchse ankommt: Software (Treiber, etc.) und Hardware (DAC). Wären gute DACs wirklich so günstig, müssten doch eigentlich in alle Geräte gute DACs eingebaut werden, und dein Argument mit dem 350€+ wäre keins mehr. Aber das scheint ja nicht der Fall zu sein, also sind gute DACs ja wohl doch nicht so günstig. Ich lasse mich hier übrigens gerne von jemandem belehren, der tatsächlich Ahnung davon hat.

In jedem Fall würde man wieder für etwas mehrfach zahlen (wenn man mehr als einen Kopfhörer hat; die meisten Leute werden wohl mehr Kopfhörer als Abspielgeräte haben), für dass man auch einfach einmal zahlen kann.

>ich hab einen KH für alles und einen als Ersatz. Vielleicht hast du zwei oder drei aber die DACs sind nicht teuer.

Ich habe, schätze ich, mindestens 8 verschiedene KH, und da sind noch nicht mal KH mitgezählt, die als Dreingabe bei einem anderen Gerät dabei waren. Ich frage mich auch, warum du glaubst das (gute) DACs nicht teuer wären (siehe oben).

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26th Feb 2019

Excellent choice. I love my HE400i, especially with Brainwavz XL Micro Suede pads.

You probably don’t need and external (DAC/) amp as the 4XX is fairly easy to drive, but in common with most planar magnetic drivers it can make good use of extra power. My 400i is or has been easily driven by my SMSL M3 ($64.99 new), Micca OriGen G2 ($75 used via r/AVexchange), FiiO Q1 ($53.99 new) and can be massively overpowered by my xDuoo TA-01B ($119.99 new). Other good budget options include the $50 FX Audio DAC-X6.

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6th Feb 2018

Is it that your phone can’t power it, or that you want to save battery?

Either way, perhaps the FiiO Q1 Portable USB DAC Amplifier would be better, then.

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10th Jan 2018

None that your ears are going to notice. Alternatively, get something like this.

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25th Jan 2018

I’m looking into buying a headphone amp/DAC for my 7th Gen iPod Classic, but to do so I need this cable to connect the two. Also would getting a headphone amp/DAC improve sound quality and make my iPod able to play 24/96Khz files?

AMP/DAC: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0157DKAU4/ref=psdc_1591692031_t2_B00LP3AMC2

Headphones: http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/75b2f282c93a7651/

iPod Classic: https://support.apple.com/kb/sp498?locale=en_US

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29th Dec 2017

FiiO Q1 Portable USB DAC Amplifier https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0157DKAU4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_0izrAb1E5GXTQ

Solid little amp that is portable for when you get some nice headphones for on the go

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8th Oct 2017
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13th Oct 2017

Posted this a few minutes ago but got taken down. So I’m posting it again.

I recently posted asking if anyone had a solution to some bad static I had on my computer. You can read it over here.

To summarize, recently purchased a tube amp, plugged it into my desktop computer and i had horrible static.

Had this static before when I had my headphones plugged into the motherboards audio jack so I bought a sound card and the static disappeared. The amp is plugged into the same sound card and the static returns.

I didn’t have a DAC so I purchased on, the Fiio Q1. Tried it out, still get static. Tried it out on my laptop and phone and it works with them. So I’m stuck in the same place as before.

Here’s some other things I tried:
-Removed the GPU (sound card is very close to it)

-Plugged jack into rear port instead of front

-Disabled BIOS speed startup settings

-Plugged amp and computer into different outlets and also into the same outlet

-Moved amp away from any electrical device

Here’s my theory. My motherboard must have some problem. I stated this in the other post, but when I touch the audio jack that is connected to the amp to any metal part of the computer, I get static. This includes the USB ports, the microphone jack, the IO shield, and the screws holding the motherboard in place. All of them produced the same static.

Along with this, the static is not constant. It changes depending on what I’m doing. Meaning if I move the mouse, it causes more static. If I open up another window, it causes more noise. Here’s a recording. The high pictched sounds is when I move my mouse. The buzzing is when I open a windows.

I’ve also tried plugging the jack into one of my monitors audio ports, still get the same static. If I’m listening to my phone through the amp and I try charging my phone through my computer, I get the same static.

I also wonder is the PSU is a problem. It’s a EVGA Supernova 750W, but it’s underneath the motherboard. I doubt that’s the problem, but it’s a thought.

Also replying to /u/Aevum1 stating

>The PSU is the problem but not in the way you think. Your older DAC was purely USB powered and the new one is USB and grid right ? Feedback from your PSU to the grid is pushing noise in to the amp, isolate its power supply.

This DAC is still powered only through USB. No external power. Plug it into my computer and wire it into the amp, that’s it.

I’m honestly unsure what to try at this point.I’m think that purchasing a new motherboard may be worth a shot, but I’m unsure.

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2nd Oct 2016

Thinking about getting a portable headphone DAC/amp

Current setup: IPod Classic Gen 7, Audio Technica MSR7s. For what it’s worth, I have lots of flac music too.

Thinking of adding: A DAC/amp to go with my iPod. Something like this Fiio amp along with this line out for my iPod to skip the iPod’s DAC.

Budget: Around $100 please

The Big Question: Do I really need this? If you have experience with similar equipment, would you recommend this type of an upgrade, or is it only a sidegrade? My headphones don’t need anymore power, so, in your opinion, would it be worth getting an external DAC/amp?


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23rd May 2016

The E10K isn’t very mobile. It’s small, but it’s not really the right shape for a mobile amp.

EDIT: If you want a portable DAC/amp, how about the Fiio Q1? http://www.amazon.com/Q1-Portable-Headphone-Amplifier-Black/dp/B0157DKAU4?ie=UTF8&keywords=fiio q1&qid=1464036269&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

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29th Nov 2015

If you want one, Fiio Q1

But my recommendation is that you spend the $65 at Chipotle or something.

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29th Nov 2015
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15th Jan 2017

Hey there all. I’m a professional classical musician operating out of Boston. I play with orchestras nearly every day of the week – I am an audiophile in real life, but I’m only just now delving into what it means to be one with music here in the digital realm.

During the fiasco that was the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Verizon gave me the option to switch to any other phone that I wanted while the Google Pixel was rolled out, the phone I’d eventually purchase. I chose the HTC 10 because I knew that it had a hi-fi DAC and Amp built into it, and I was curious about trying it.


I was catapulted into a whole new world listening to music on that phone with my bose in-ear and overear headphones (no clue what the impedance or actual models are, just know they aren’t the noise cancelling).
I got my Pixel a week or two after, and left the new found realm I had entered into. I’ve been left wanting more. Thusly, I’ve taken to the internet to try and solve my problem.

The biggest issue with my decision to purchase a DAC / AMP combo is that I’m not certain what impedance I have on these sound systems I have; all I do know is that they are Bose. Yay.

My ears are well trained, and even a 20% increase in quality matters to me. My eye is presently on…

Can anyone guide in the correct direction here? My budget presently is under $100, just so I can get acquainted with the realm of audiophilia. Thanks in advance.