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FiiO E1 Portable Headphone Amplifier, Sound Booster With Volume Control – For Apple iPod, Nano, Classic, Video, iTouch And iPhone 3G/4?

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25th Jan 2015

I got the fiio e1 for iphone 4 and its pretty much the same thing but it allows me to use any headphone I want. Has a texas instrument chip and it cost me like 10 bucks.
The Dac gives a little bit more dynamic range but the real difference maker is the amp when powering my k240s.

What makes a big difference in mobile audio, is my vmoda verza with its dual wolfson dacs and powerful 150 mw amp but that costs $600 bucks.


This thing is pretty much just the fiio e1 permanently attached to some cheap earbuds and maybe some clever eq to make them sound “different”. Another pseudo audiophile scam and a drain on your battery life for sure.