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FEZIBO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame, Electric Standing Desk Legs for 43.4 inches to 62.9 Inches Desk Tops, Sturdy Stand up Desk Base for Workstation,Black (Frame Only)?

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18th Jun 2021

The best way to do it is buy the frame by itself, and then grab a tabletop from somewhere like ikea. I was shopping for standing desks but all of the tabletops were so small for the $500+ price tags. This is the way


^ something like this but shop around a bit based on specs.

Also make sure you buy a tabletop thats actual solid wood and not fiber if you want it to last.

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17th Sep 2021

The frame is the Fezibo Standing Desk, and I built a custom desktop to go on top that I made myself.

I have another post that goes into a bit more detail about making it, plus another post recently with all the details of what’s on the desk.