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FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Pencil Holder, 48 x 24 Inches Stand Up Desk, Sit Stand Desk with Espresso and Black Top and Black Frame?

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16th Jul 2021

On Amazon my options are also very limited due to intl. shipping, and for the ones available the shipping is 300$+.

I do have some Feizbo options (e.g. this), and others (e.g. this), and even with the shipping that would be 2x cheaper than Fellowes Cambio, but I’m not sure about that because in case of any problem I’ll be on my own (probably won’t be able to return it).

I’m very curious about this statement:

>a triple column leg setup usually indicates a solid frame

I took a look at all Amazon’s options available for me, and none of them had this feature. Is this something useful?

As for:

>It may be that they are understating the weight max limits or that the leg motors are less powerful.

I would guess it’s the former because , according to their spec, the biggest supported plate weighs 145 lbs alone.