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Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle – Pour-Over Coffee and Tea Pot, Stainless Steel, Quick Heating, Matte White, Handle, 0.9 Liter?

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31st Mar 2021

Kind of pricey, and I don’t particularly like the size or really the idea in general of gooseneck kettles, but the stagg ekg is probably hard to beat when it comes to modern aesthetics in a kettle. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NHC9N34/

I think glass kettles can also look pretty nice: https://www.amazon.com/glass-kettle/s?k=glass+kettle

I personally just use some Mr. Coffee clunker I got from Target some years back. Works just fine, and really doesn’t take up any more room than any other electric kettle. But certainly lacks in the cute department.