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FAVI LED-3 LED LCD (SVGA) Mini Video Projector – US Version (Includes Warranty) – Black (RioHD-LED-3)?

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21st Dec 2013

I am in no way angry. I’m ashamed that someone like you can once again be so ignorant. I’ve come across you before. You made a mountain out of an ant hill of a conversation. That’s the problem. You are trying to put your opinion as a fact. Which it is not. Then you are continually bashing my opinion on something saying it can’t happen. It’s quite sad seeing how ignorant you are.

>Do you honestly think a new technology, which is priced at thousands of dollars, can take a price cut of over 200% (assuming I am going with a lowball initial price point of $2000) in 2 years?

They are $200 now… are you stupid? Go do some research. SOURCE Also the same damn source I linked the first time. Since you seem to have not read anything I have posted and are making up an entire argument out of the emptiness you live in.

>3D tvs are also a pretty poor analogy.

Once again. Ignorant. Go do some research. Special processing and hardware required or any TV would be able to produce a 3d picture. In which they can not.

> Theaters don’t need to change anything, they just provide 3D glasses to movie-goers.

Jesus kid you make this so easy. I have two good friends who manage theaters. It’s a different screen, and projector.

"The RealD 3D system works by using a single digital projector, that swaps back and forth between the images for each eye. A filter is placed in front of the projector that changes the polarisation of the light coming from the projector. A silver screen is used to reflect this light back at the audience and reduce loss of brightness. RealD is the most popular system, but there are three other systems available: Master Image, XpanD and Dolby 3D."
You are just stupid as can get. There is HUGE overhead when you want to convert a theater to 3d. Why they hell wouldn’t every theater make money on 3d if it was only some cheap ass glasses?

You keep on acting like you know everything about anything. It’s really pathetic. Again let me explain that you replied to me… I don’t start conversations with you as they are always stupid because you show no evidence to your posts what so ever. You spit out nonsense and try to act like you know something when you don’t.

>Why do you say that? It was said the current product was too expensive. Right now you can get a projector for under $300. Ms could make a deal with someone to make the projector and have wifi direct for communication. In the next two years I see it happening. As I do see a lot of people that would hand over $300-$400 for a Illumiroom experience at home.

That was the original post. It’s called an opinion. It was NOT directied to you. You replied to me attacking my idea. So The XboxOne has all this advanced hardware in it. Take all that out and only have a video output, kinect one(which MS owns), wifi direct, LED. They can definitely make a product that does what the tech demo showed IN TWO YEARS for less than or EQUAL to $400. What is your damn problem now? You seem to have no point in your argument. EVERYTHING you seem to provide back as a negative can be refuted with facts.