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Farberware Classic Series Stainless Steel Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set?

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15th Oct 2015

Here’s everything you need to start for $60:


Not sure why farberware has gone out of style, probably because All-Clad has raised the standard of kitchen fashion. They used to be a well recognized name in quality cookware, but thanks to market competition they’re now one of the best bargains out there.

Here you will find 3 sauce pans, a skillet or two, and a soup/stock pot – a pot of suitable size for any use. All are stainless steel, have bonded aluminum core vases, and heat resistant handles. They cook responsively and are durable as hell. Mine are 15 years old and still bright and shiny despite daily use. My parents have had their set for over 35 years, not a dent in one. These will do everything you need them to do and will last you the rest of your life, if you so choose.

I’d start with this for all your essentials and supplement as necessary with a good nonstick (recommend All-Clads LTD line), grill pan, or cast iron Dutch oven as necessary.

EDIT: actually, if you can find an equivalent set with stainless steel skillets, you’ll get better use out of them. The nonstick skillets in this particular set won’t last you a year. Even still, $60 is a steal for the pots alone.