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Facial Cleanser by the makers of Differin Gel, Daily Refreshing Face Wash, Gentle Skin Care for Acne Prone Sensitive Skin, 6 oz?

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14th Apr 2021

Basic Info:

Product name: Differin Facial cleanser by, Refreshing Cleanser, Unscented 6 Fl Oz


  • Removes surface oil and dirt without leaving skin feeling tight or overly dry
  • Leaves skin clean, balanced, and refreshed
  • Non-irritating, fragrance free, won’t clog pores
  • Soothing, low-lather formula is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Clinically proven to gently cleanse

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15th Dec 2020

I will focus on some suggestions for your skin. For hair, there specific subbreddits you can repost this in. I read through your post but have not seen anything regarding hormonal treatments. Are you on any birth control? Have you seen a women’s health doctor (OBGYN)? Back to the skin, I will recommend a routine for you to start with. Since your face is extremely oily and sensitive, you need to focus on finding oil free, light products that exfoliate the face. All these products are available on Amazon since it sounds like you have access to it BUT they are more expensive on Amazon than other places, like ULTA. Do your own research. Try sticking to it for a month at least, in order to give the ingredients time to work. You should also spend some time reading the wiki and product suggestions of this subreddit. There is a lot of good info there. This routine I’m suggesting is not exhaustive. I’m sure there will be many more good suggestions of steps or products to include. Find what works for you and have patience. This too shall pass with time.



– Niacinamide+zinc

Ascorbic Acid


SPF (the one you are using now)


Cleanser – the same as in AM

Toner – the same as in AM