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Eye Sleeping mask for Woman Men: Weighted 3D Eye Mask for Sleep Patented Design 100% Blackout Lights Sleeping Eye Mask | Comfort Lightweight Washable Sleep Eye Mask for Travel Nap Shift Works(Black)?

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5th Dec 2020

It’s gonna be a little bit before you get your sleep Schedule straighten out

If you can get this drink called “Som Sleep” in my Case it didn’t knock me out like melatonin would, it’s very gentle and you still get sleep. Take it and you should be falling asleep in the next 30 minutes so it’s a good idea to brush your teeth right after having it

This is a great sleeping mask Eye Cover Sleeping mask for Woman… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DZDMPTL?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Put bedtime settings on your phone, it should be in your settings and your phone will be on silent mode/DND unless you pick certain people that can get ahold of you. It will be a little bed icon on accessibility.

And if you take meds and depending how long they last. The latest you could be taking them is around 4/5 pm, the stimulation can last for hours after the pill is “official” done

And my personal favorite is NO CURTAIN ON ONE WINDOW, why? Because the natural sunlight will come slowly and it will trigger your body to gracefully wake up instead of suddenly. See what works for you