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11th Feb 2018

I’ve been using Rugged & Dapper’s cleanser in the mornings, but I wanted to make sure it’s not overly harsh (has a mild exfoliating action, including Jojoba beads). Would really appreciate it if someone could comment on whether it’s okay to use. Thanks!

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9th Apr 2019

Have you seen a dermatologist? They can probably give you details about your skin type. Then you can use some products (likely a specific face wash and moisturizer that will help).

Does your skin get dry or oily?

Maybe use a face cleanser with some sort of scrubbing grain/exfoliation.

My layman advice as a girl who dealt with acne/razor bumps/etc

Wash your face twice a day. In the morning in the shower and in the evening before bed. I use Shea Black African Soap on my face and legs in the shower this helps with my oily skin on my face and gives needed moisture to my legs before I shave them.

In the evening maybe use an exfoliator like this one.

I recommend adding moisture to your face in excess right before your shave to avoid irritation. This can be with a lather or another moisturizer in the shower that you prefer. Make sure to use an alum block and more moisturizer after your shave.

Also wash your pillowcases every two-three weeks.