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31st Mar 2021

For what it’s worth — I had a special event coming up, and was struggling with cystic acne. It was worth it to me to pay for the cortizone shots.

I went to a fantastic Dermatologist, it was a full clinical office, and I had the cortizone shots. Spent $300, because like you, it was in many locations.

Did not help, I barely saw any difference. It’s a legitimate treatment, but in my case it wasn’t effective.

Not to discourage you — just to hopefully make you feel better so you don’t beat yourself up about being uninsured atm.

By the way, the thing that works for me and works on cystic acne (in my personal case) is the Evologie Blemish Serum. I swear to god, this stuff works for me. Try it if you like, it’s $28.

Also: Don’t overdo it with acids, scrubs, or other treatments leading up to your event, it could make this worse. You need a Low PH cleanser, like the CosRx brand Low Ph Cleanser, or Cetaphil.

If you don’t make it to a dermatologist, try these: