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Evo Fox Katana Fully Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches, Back lit Keys, Wrist Pad, and Windows Software (Black)?

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24th May 2021

Reds are not available in under 3k you should choose blues or brown could be from Outemo or Orange brand I prefer blues since its not that loud as people think it is nevertheless whatever switches you choose.

One trick is that you order 2 keyboard from Amazon and return the one you feel is not suitable like 1 brown and 1 blue I did that myself and to my surprise I found blues to be better but that won’t work with your budget so rather than that.

I would prefer you buy evo fox katana as it has an on board memory for rgb and macros with software and 1yr warranty under 2600 as on board memory does not come in keyboard as high as 4k.