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EVGA Z10 Gaming Keyboard, Red Backlit LED, Mechanical Brown Switches, Onboard LCD Display, Macro Gaming Keys, 802-ZT-N101-KR?

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29th May 2021

My EVGA Z10 was the worst keyboard I ever bought. Just a complete dumpster fire. It had a built-in LCD display that worked poorly, reluctantly, or not at all, and after a few weeks, the keyboard portion stopped functioning altogether. If you think about it, the cheapest Wal-Mart keyboard is better, because it would have almost certainly performed its basic function for years.

I don’t think I’ll ever buy another EVGA keyboard again. I bought a Redragon K580 VATA to replace it. It doesn’t have the easy-to-use lighting software my Logitech G910 had, but it works flawlessly, and I can change the RGB lights and use macros without installing any additional software.

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10th Nov 2018

It’s $39.99 on Amazon