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Eurotech Seating Concept 2.0 Chair, Black?

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11th Aug 2020

I’m searching for the exact same thing! I like the chair, but, really want a headrest. I wish they would have stocked headrest version in store because I didn’t want to wait for delivery.

Anyhow, you’ve probably found same info as me that Raynor Eurotech makes these chairs for sale under OfficeDepot white box WorkPro Quantum 9000 name. Eurotech markets a slightly revised version of the chair called Concept 2.0.
It’s basically the same thing with a lumbar band and different arms (similar to Ergohuman). You can see the groove for lumbar in the WorkPro 9000. They don’t market the Concept 2.0 with headrest so there’s no luck there.

More research and it seems the chair is marketed in UK under the name the Enjoy chair. See the website below, it shows all kinds of sweet options this chair has available in that market like footrest. On the spare parts page is a headrest for the Enjoy. I wish they had a picture on their website, I just want to know if it is the same mesh material and if they ship to US.