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4th Aug 2012

Honestly, this isn’t as bad as you’re making out. These side effects are in all likelihood not permanent. The treatment basically retrained the your skin to not produce so much oil. But eventually, might be a few months, might be a couple years, it will start to stabilize, hopefully to something more normal. I think you’ve forgotten the misery and social stigma of acne if you’re going to say that dry skin and lips are somehow worse.

I had to do two courses of accutane a few years apart. I had this same issue and while it adds a little complication to life, it’s a small price to pay. My suggestion would be to start using a gentle exfoliant, and/or those skin buff pads regularly to remove the dead skin. When the outer layers are that dry, they have to come off. You could smear axle grease on it to try to hold it on, but it isn’t likely to work. Don’t go crazy with it. You just want to get off the outermost layer of dead cells.

Don’t use any soap on your face, ever. Exfoliating is more than enough. You don’t want to further de-fat the area. Pat your face dry and apply moisturizer, immediately., before you even leave the bathroom. You want to lock in as much of the moisture as possible. Eufora Serum is truly wonderful both for your skin and your hair. Mix a pump of this with a pump of cream moisturizer. I use it daily. If this process is taking you 60 minutes, then you’re doing it wrong. Exfoliation should add maybe 5 minutes your shower time. My guess is that you weren’t expecting this and let it get out of control. Once you have it under control and make it a routine, it will be pretty painless. Exfoliating is a good habit anyway.

Carry with you both a good moisturizer, and lip balm at all times and apply periodically through the day. I’d skip the Chapstick and use Nivea balm. The have clear, but they have a really cute pink one 🙂 Carry a travel size tube of whatever moisturizer works for you.

There can be some really fucked up side effects from Accutane, but you didn’t get them. This is entirely expected and manageable, Be careful what you wish for or your acne will come back.