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28th Nov 2021

First step use this TDEE calculator to get your sedentary calories burned per day.

  • At your weight you most likely burn around 3k calories for just being conscious and standing and walking around very little throughout the day

If eating food has been your go to coping mechanism then suddenly we put all the stress of being calories, weighing, and portion… Finding a way to relieve stress that doesn’t have a calorie count is essential.

Important Things:

  • You do not need to do any exercise to lose the weight.
    • Be hesitant of exercise while cutting calories, you might end up in a larger calorie deficit than you anticipate and feel an effect of hunger that you didnt anticipate.
    • Wearing a fitbit or some pedometer can help gamify getting to some daily step count
      • Start with extremely low goals and involve your support system
  • Eat in a calorie deficit
    • If you eat less calories than you burn you will lose fat.
    • Use some app like myfitnesspal or chronometer. Log even the cheat days
    • Get a digital scale to weigh food.
      • If you have to guess calories for a meal then over estimate and roundup.
  • Weigh yourself
    • Use a Bluetooth scale that supports your weight so you can see a graph of your weight loss over the weeks.
      • Looking back at the little bumpy line graph slowly descending will feel empowering.
      • example on amazon
  • Be aware of water weight. Especially after a cheat day.
    • It’s caused by sudden spikes in carb, exercise, and/or salt.
    • It can cause 10lb+ on the scale
    • It can take days to equalize(even more for some)
    • You will still be losing fat regardless, be patient and stay in a deficit.
    • Being dehydrated can cause you to crave salty foods. So drink enough water to avoid high salt(and typically high calorie) foods.
  • Be kind to yourself
    • A single cheat day wont destroy your progress.
      • It will easily average out over the week.
    • You can have cheat days just try to not make them cheat weeks.
  • In chronometer you can log your food and check if you’re vitamin/mineral deficient
    • Being deficient in these areas can cause appetite control issues and hormonal shifts
    • Log a typical day of eating pre-diet and see if you’re already in that boat. If so I recommend scanning multivitamin’ and supplement barcodes in the store to find what you might need.
    • It is typically best to get those vitamins and minerals from food where you can but this can be a good way to get you in the emotional headspace to slowly change your diet to a well balanced one.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make slip up. Self forgiveness, awareness, and kindness are integral to healthy weight loss. ❤️
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28th Jul 2021

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