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Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair – Ergonomic Swivel Computer, Office or Gaming Chair, Gray (ES-3085-GRY)?

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10th Jan 2018

Staples had a sale on these for 95 bucks. OOS there but Amazon has it for a similar price. It’s a decent chair, I find it fair for the price. My butt has much more padding then my older normal office desk chair and I really enjoy being able to lift the arm rests out of the way for when I want to have my pupper in my lap or want to play guitar without bashing the rests.

There’s no so many movable parts on the cheaper options, I know on the higher end ones you’re able to adjust and move the headrests and arm rests at different angles and whatnot, this ones pretty limited in that regard as you’ve got up and down, recline lock, butt pad air pressure adjustment and the arm rests lift up.

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17th Jan 2018

Looks like the chair I just bought but in red. I just finished putting it together yesterday, I like it!