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15th Oct 2010

You know, I can’t see how a FAQ would easily apply to climbing itself, except for when you’re new, and you’re trying to wade through tons of climbing lingo in magazines and books (for which the numerous online climbing glossaries can be referenced). The only questions I ever had were regarding how to train efficiently, and for that, you simply need to adjust strength and conditioning principles to fit your climbing goals (Eric Hörst does exactly that for a living). A good question would be to ask, “What are some examples of climbing goals?” Here’s my favorite resource for figuring out how to attain my goals: Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning – Amazon.com

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31st Dec 2013

I’m currently studing Sports Medicine and as far as I’ve understood it you can’t learn your body to burn fat by not eating carbs. If you want to achieve that you can do low intensity workouts, like slow and long bike rides, at around 60% of your maximal heart rate for a long period of time (at least 90-120 minutes). This keeps your respiratory exchange rate (RER) as low as possible (RER 1 is carbohydrates only, RER 0.7 is mostly fat), meaning you burn as much fat as possible. Doing this over a period of time (a couple of months) will teach your body to easier use fat as energy when excercising, even at higher intensities.

Source: My very excellent teachers and most likely this book that I don’t have available right now.

To add to /u/mauxfaux, I think the body starts digging into your muscle proteins to help create ketons and that’s not good if you want to keep excercising.

Sorry for any grammar and/or spelling errors, I’m not native!