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Escali BFBW200 Advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Technology Calculates Body Fat/Water Percentages, Bathroom Scale, LCD Digital Display, 400lb Capacity, Clear?

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11th Mar 2011

I have this. Seems to be pretty consistent. Even the body fat seems pretty on (still use calipers though).

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24th Dec 2011

I think beefwich hit the nail right on the head, couldn’t have said it better.

The only thing I would add is this:

Consider getting a bathroom scale so you can do easy weigh ins. something like this:


For me when I’m losing weight seeing that number go down is very encouraging, and helps keep you on track and motivated(which is also why I do daily weigh ins). The downside is when you do plateau, and you will, it can be discouraging. When that happens to me I go back and look at the graph of my loss and see that I do keep losing, and I will continue to keep losing as long as I stick with it.

Also, read the FAQ if you haven’t already, exercise is great but you will lose more through correct diet than exercise.

Also, any time you need motivation look through the hall of fame and r/progresspics and it will keep you on track.

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22nd Jun 2016

Also, instead of measuring weight, you want to measure body fat %. The following scale does a pretty good job of it. Weight fluctuates wildly. Fat % doesn’t nearly as much.


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28th Apr 2010

This is the exact scale I used:


It doesnt go up to 460, but maybe you can see your doctor first to get a good baseline- your official weight. If you want a scale now though, you can try something like this:


But you probably already found that. At any rate, I wish you luck! 🙂