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Ergonomic Left Handed Keyboard for Business/Accounting – 8 Multimedia Hotkeys – Eliminates RSI and Carpal Tunnel – Patented Natural_A Keycaps to Reduce Back and Shoulder Strain to Improve Posture?

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Are there any guides on converting a a non-mechanical keyboard to a mechanical one? I’ve been looking for a left-handed numpad for a while now, and always seem to miss the production runs on the ones that do exist (like aeboards). This thing: https://www.amazon.ca/Ergoguys-Handed-Keyboard-Wired-Black/dp/B001DEUPIE/ref=pd_lpo_1?pd_rd_i=B001DEUPIE&psc=1
has a layout I would like.

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20th Jun 2021

I wouldn’t equate left-handedness with being in a wheelchair. In fact, it’s not a disability at all. It’s the design of things made for right-handed-use-only that hampers us. And we’ve adapted very well. I can use a right-handed can opener and a right-handed ten-key pad. Can you say the same about using left-handed devices? See, I’m not backwards. I’ve just had to learn more than you. I’ve had to develop more brain pathways than you. So no, it’s nothing at all like the difficulties of being in a wheelchair. But I still don’t like being called “backwards” when I’ve had to adapt to things that were made convenient for you, even in cases when they could have been made to be used with either hand.

I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you buy one of these:


learn how to use the ten-key pad on it with your left hand, and then come talk to me.

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12th Oct 2017

For the record, “left handed” keyboards do exist, they’re just not that common. The only real difference is the numpad/arrow keys/etc are moved to the left. Note, I put left handed in quotes there because it really is a matter of perspect. The QWERTY layout isn’t a problem for left/right handed, it’s where everything else is that creates problems.

Example 1

Example 2

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27th Aug 2011

wow, they make left handed keyboards.