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Equity by La Crosse 70905 Soft Blue Cube LCD Alarm Clock 5.20in. x 4.20in. x 3.30in.?

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6th Nov 2015

This is my second time turning a broken DMG into a digital clock, so I did a little better this time around but could still work on my dremel skills!

Two DMG Clocks I’m getting better at placing the LED

Rear Buttons from original clock, used to set time/alarm date etc

Guts Here’s the guts, I used parts of the original clock to make brackets. The B button will have the pressure switch under it and that is used to turn on backlit and snooze. The battery compartment has to be soldered back on in this pic

Headphone port EXT port I cut out the original link ports, headphone plug etc to fill the holes and make it look more original. These are obviously just for looks.

Battery compartment Battery compartment is under the original battery cover. I keeps it simple haha

Original Clock Here is the original clock after I took it apart. The frame for the buttons will get cut out and moved to back of GB. Here is the clock I use http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004AQJ7UY/ref=sr_ph?ie=UTF8&qid=1446831527&sr=1&keywords=clock

Displayed Finally, the cheap stand (made from a coat hanger) and the shelf pic!