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Epomaker Magicforce Smart 82-Key Mini Mechanical Keyboard PBT Dye-Subbed Edition with Gateron MX Switches for Windows PC Gamers (Gateron Blue Switch, White-Gray)?

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9th Dec 2020

Hey ! I’m quite new to mechanical keyboards, i’ve been looking for the best keyboard (at least for me) and I’ve found few keyboard that kept my attention. First I think i’ll go for a 75% keyboard since I want it to be transportable. I’ll mainly use it for coding and gaming from time to time. The keyboard needs to work on MacOS & Windows since i’m coding on Mac and gaming on Windows.

So I found these who suits my needs : Keychron K2 / Epomaker Magic Force 82 (not available in grey/white not even sure they will have in the future).

Which one seems to be the best from your PoV ?
Is the battery good enough ? What I mean by that is, will the battery works fine in 3 4 years or will it just work 50% of his base duration ?
Also, are the keycaps set universal ? Can I put Vortexgear Race 3 keycap set on the K2 Keychron for example ?


Feel free to advice me other keyboards that I may have missed and even 65% Keyboards (even tho i’m oftenly using fn keys, I may consider it)


Thanks for your time 😉