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EPOMAKER GK68XS 68 Keys Hot-swap RGB Bluetooth5.1 Wireless/Wired Mechanical Keyboard with Split Spacebar Module, 1900mAh Battery, Dye-subbed PBT GSA Keycaps (Gateron Brown Switch, Grey White)?

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30th Apr 2021

GK64 is a decent board for the price, but you have to want that particular weird layout. The shift keys are nonstandard size, and I at least found the 1u right shift to be really hard to deal with (I had no idea I was so dependent on right shift til I got a GK64). It also will limit the range of keycaps you can use, because a lot of sets don’t come with the 2u you need for left shift and the 1u you need for right shift.

GK68xs has proper arrow keys and more easy to deal with 1.75u right shift (a common size for 65% and included in many keycap sets these days).

You might be able to squeeze a GMMK barebones into your budget, go take a look. (But no BT).