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EPOMAKER GK64X RGB Hotswap 60% No Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with Split Spacebar Module, Fully Programmable for Gamers (Gateron Black Switch, Grey Black)?

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29th Sep 2021

A lot of that is subjective. I don’t know what you prefer for gaming and I have not done enough research in to good mechanical keyboards with little to no latency that would make them suitable for gaming. Furthermore, I don’t know if you’re looking for a 60%, 65%, 75% or 100% keyboard.

All I’ll mention is that you can look up keyboard layouts (60% – 100%, e.g. some don’t have an F row, some don’t have arrow keys etc…). Then you can determine your price and the community can offer some suggestions.

Otherwise, all I could mention is that I’m using this keyboard and so far it’s worked well for me.