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EPOMAKER GK61XS RGB Bluetooth 5.1 Wired/Wireless Hotswap DIY Kit with Split Spacebar Module for 60% Keyboard, PCB Mounting Plate Case (GK61XS Black)?

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20th May 2021

What you can do is get a hotswap wireless keyboard like something from Keychron, buy MX Clears and put them on.

Alternatively you can see if anyone local to you can desolder the MX Clears and solder then onto your ANNE PRO. Or you can attempt to do it yourself but make sure you practice soldering and desoldering first and there’s chance you may damage the keyboard.

A cheaper alternative is to buy a wireless GK61 off Amazon and put MX Clears on there. Note there are similar (and IMO, better feeling) tactile switches like Zealios, Boba U4T and Glorious Panda to name a few you can look into. The first two also come in a silenced variety.

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24th Feb 2021

Nope, that one has optical switches. This one has mech switches. This is where I bought mine from: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B08DHDYLBX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Layout comes pre-programmed and so far I have not found away to flash other firmware on the board. Hope that helps!

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15th Feb 2021

Haha oops EPOMAKER GK61XS RGB Bluetooth 5.1 Wired/Wireless Hotswap DIY Kit with Split Spacebar Module for 60% Keyboard, PCB Mounting Plate Case (GK61XS Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DHDYLBX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_TTMMMP5S4Y8ZCZ5XNF68?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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19th May 2021

https://www.amazon.com/EPOMAKER-Bluetooth-Wireless-Spacebar-Keyboard/dp/B08DHDYLBX you have to buy switches and keycaps but its a start, you can get a wood case from banggood

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10th Mar 2022

Here’s my first build! I’ll provide links to everything in case anybody wants to take a look!

More pics

Case: Epomaker GK61XS RGB Bluetooth 5.1

Switches: Akko CS Rose Red Linear Switches

Keycaps: IDOBAO Black and Blue Sakura Keycaps Japanese

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12th Jan 2022

Avant que ce sujet ne tombe dans les abysses pendant une semaine :


Coupon de 16 balles rendant le Epomaker GK61XS très abordable !

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3rd Jan 2021

GK61XS or Keychron K6

They both seem like decent boards, with their own pros and cons. I do plan on getting different switches and keycaps, so paying less and getting the barebones version is a big plus of the GK. But am willing to pay more if the Keychron is a much better board.

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4th Dec 2020

If you want to dabble in the hobby I wouldn’t start with a GK61 Optical. It’s basically a dead end (only the 5 or so Optical switches to play with in the future.)

Get something like GK61XS and you canuse any of the billions of switch options available. This one is the one that has bluetooth (the S at the end) but you can get the same thing as X out there but Amazon only has an option that makes it more expensive than the BT version.

The other stuff is good as well. Cept maybe the films I don’t know if they are the same as normal MX. If you do go with the MX style GK61, those should work with anything accept the Kaihl box switches (you won’t want to lube those switches at all). Also the Krytox is a bit of a chunky thick version of 205 get, Krytox 105 and mix it 1-1.

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2nd Dec 2020

Then you are compounding the issue the other way. Between how high it actuates and how lite the spring is activates way to easily and will be a mess while typing. I have an Elite and its by far my worst keyboard for typing. And if you get the clicky its one of the worst sounding keyboards out there. Its also 2.5x the price of getting a GK61X that supports MX style switches.

Get this.

GK61XS (there is a cheaper one without BT)

Kaihl Brown switches (get a 70 batch)

You can use the keycaps from the the optical one you have now. Or Go crazy RGB and get

Crazy Pudding caps so the colors go wild.

This is between $20-$40 cheaper than the Mini. Sound better. Have swapable switches. And you can do things like putting it in a nicer Alu case later.

This alu case will support the spacebar module which is really sweet.