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Emtec X200 Power Plus 128GB mSATA Portable Solid State Drive (SSD) – ECSSD128GX200?

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7th Nov 2020

At 8GB total capacity the Fire TV will have less free space than than the X900H does. If you really want to expand your storage you should be using an external SSD not a USB flash drive. You can get an external 128GB SSD for $25-30.

Something like the following.


This will give you substantially better read/write speeds and much better durability.

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27th Jul 2020

That’s disappointing. That would mean to make a bootcamp on an external, you would have to buy and dedicate a whole external drive that might be too big and a bit more expensive than it needs to be.

But I was able to find pretty cheap SSD: https://www.amazon.com/Emtec-3-1Gen1-X200-Portable-128GB/dp/B07XVSLVBF/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=external+ssd+128&qid=1595843151&sr=8-5

I guess $32 is about as low as it will go.

But probably better to pay a little more and get the 256 gb for $45, or 512 one for $65…