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Elite Platinum EKT-1789D Electric Programmable Cordless Glass Kettle w/5 Temperatures Tea and Coffee, Bpa-Free, Water Sterilizer, Auto Shut-Off and Keep Warm Function, 1.7L (7.2 Cups), Stainless Steel?

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2nd Aug 2020

mine has a keep warm option too and was a good bit cheaper than that. I just don’t automatically turn it on after heating the water bc I leave it to heat for the 2 min it takes and then I don’t immediately make tea when it’s done

edit: this should be it. it lights up different colors for the different modes being 1) keep warm 2) white tea 3) green tea 4) black tea/coffee 5) disinfect (boil at like 212⁰(?) for 3 min), cordless, auto-shutoff, 1.7L, and only like $40