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Electric kettle 1800 watt household glass electric kettle 1.7L electric tea kettle boiling drying protection and automatic shutdown double anti-scalding (Color : Black, Size : 1.7L)?

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3rd Dec 2020

That explains some but not all of the variance – the Cuisinart and Kitchenaid are both 1500W but the latter is 30 seconds faster than the former, for example.

I’m sure you’re right that wattage is the main thing here. But I feel at least partly justified in my previous assertion that not all kettles are alike qua boiling speed, and that by spending more you can get a faster one. Probably you’re right that this ‘boils down’ (badum-tish) mostly to variation in wattage; still, see above. I’d also note that the really discerning American kettle connoisseur willing to splash out can even get 1800W kettles like this, which presumably would be faster still.