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ELAC Debut B4 Bookshelf Speaker (Black, Pair)?

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30th Mar 2018

You won’t get the 5.1 experience right away, but you will get more quality, and the ability to build slowly to the whole experience. I think you would be shocked how good a 2.0 setup can sound.

Go to accessories4less.com, and look up the Denon S530bt. It’s $150 and should work great for you.

Then maybe hit up Amazon and check out the Elac Debut B4

Theres your $300, and it’s a great start toward a quality setup.

After that as money allowed, you could add a sub, then a center, eventually surrounds.

Think about it 🙂

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15th Aug 2018

Amazon has first gen Elac Debut B4’s on for the same price as those Pioneers. Marginally nicer aesthetics and at least as good if not better sound. Designed by the same guy as the Pioneer.

Also if there’s the budget for it I have heard very good things about the Elac B6.2, I have the original B6 and besides being a little heavy on the bass they’re amazing for the price.

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14th Nov 2018

> Elac’s

Okay I’ll try the sony core one since I ordered it already so it would be here friday and if it’s still shit I’ll get these Elac Debut B4 $125/pair. If those are shit I guess I’ll just have some more saving up to do