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ELAC B6 Debut Series 6.5″ Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) with C5 Debut Series 5.25″ Center Speaker by Andrew Jones?

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5th Jan 2018

In general, you get better value out of speakers if you buy them in pairs, as opposed to buying a 5.1 system out of a box.

The yamaha receiver you listed is decent, but you can spend about half that and get a refurbished Denon from accessories4less.com as others have mentioned. These carry the same warranty as new units. for close to half the price. I’ve personally bought 2 of these units. one is going on 10 years old and still kicking! Denon receivers are tanks and seem to last forever. If you want to spend more on brand new, thats your call. But you’ll get a much better system if you go with a refurb receiver and put that extra cash towards better speakers. (Speakers basically last forever as the tech doesn’t really change, receivers tend to be upgraded more often, maybe every 5 years or so)

As far as speakers, if you have $1000 budget, I’d probably spend $200ish on the receiver. and the other $800 between speaker and subwoofer.

For the speakers, spend most of your money on the front 3 speakers, as those are the most critical, for the surrounds, you can use almost anything in a lot of cases.

If you can deal with the size. I’d recommend the HTD level 3 bookshelf speakers with its Matching center speaker. total price for the front 3 speakers would be around $550 shipped. Keep in mind, these are fairly big bookshelf speakers. If those are too big, you cna go with the Elac B6 speakers w/ center for a little bit less, they are also a little bit smaller in size.

I’d then prob get a pair of these bipole speakers for $120 to use as surrounds.

So that runs you about $670 for your speakers, leaving you around $150 or so to spend on a sub. A lot of people highly recommend the Bic F12. and while its a great sub, its about $220 on amazon. so that puts you slightly over budget. You can get a Dayton sub 1200 for about $150 shipped which uts you right around $1000. Personally I’d recommend spending the extra $60 on the F12. But if you NEED to be under 1000, go with the Dayton 12. Or even the Dayton 10″ to save some more money if you have a smaller room.

Good luck with your system!