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Elac 5.1 System with 2 Debut F5 Floorstanding Speakers, 1 Debut C5 Center Speaker, 2 Debut B5 Bookshelf Speakers, 1 BIC/Acoustech Platinum Series PL-200 Subwoofer?

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13th Dec 2020

If you can stretch the extra $$$, check out this elac setup

Get whatever decent receiver you can get with the remaining money. Also if you do in-ceilings they can be had for under $100.

Otherwise if you don’t want to break the bank, go 3.1 and upgrade as you go. And don’t forget to check the classifieds like fb marketplace and craigslist. You can get some high end systems secondhand for cheap. That’s where your $500 will get the best bang for your buck. Else, I definitely think you should bring your budget about to at least $1k but $1.5k is more ideal.