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Edifier R980T 4in Active Bookshelf Speakers – 2.0 Computer Speaker (Renewed)?

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23rd Sep 2019

Take a look at what Edifier has to offer. They are generally not super small but they fill the room with very good sound. Like car engines there is really no replacement for displacement. Larger drivers move more air.


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22nd Oct 2020

Edifier 980t renewed and creative t20. Just a bit more the swan m10 and renewed edifiers 1280t

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9th Oct 2019

Edifier R980T $55 renewed.

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10th Feb 2019

Yes, the Edifier powered bookshelf speakers will be that much better. The Logitech are cheapo computer speakers.

Other very low budget options if you don’t need a remote.

$50 6-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair and Hi-Fi Mini Amplifier Bundle

$55 Edifier R980T 4" Refurbished.

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14th Feb 2019

>for music for a 17′ x 8′ room that wasn’t expensive.
>I’d like to spend like $50.

Those are computer speakers, not for filling a room. Better for a computer would be Edifier R980T 4" Refurbished $55.

To fill a room, look for a used $20 stereo or AV receiver and a pair of $30 bookshelf speakers if you are lucky.

>Audioengine A5+

Where do you have these?