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Ecos Living 14 Inch High Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed with Natural Finish/No Box Spring/No Squeak, Light Brown, Queen?

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31st Jan 2020

This is the platform bed frame I bought, Queen, $142 at the time (more than I wanted to spend, but this was my compromise between cheap and beautiful)

I’m a sucker for Percale sheets from Garnet Hill and splurged on one set of grey sheets here. They aren’t organic 🙁 but they have some organic percale sheets like this one. (these are not the super cheap options. I love Garnet Hill sheets and chose to sink some hard earned money here)

We did set the bed up ourselves. It comes in one of those rectangular mattress rolls. It was suuuper heavy but manageable (two girls here).

Yes, I opted for the attached pillow-topper. I really worried about spending all this money on a mattress only for it to be too firm; the options for how to donate the avocado if you weren’t happy didn’t seem easy/environmentally friendly for me as you can’t donate used mattresses in my state. Also I have a tiny AF car. The pillow topper is nice.

Overall, I spent:

Queen Mattress w/ Pillow Top: $1,799
Two standard Avocado pillows: $158
OG Cotton Mattress Pad Prot: $249
Net free pillows promo: $(158)
Total Avocado purchase: $2,048

Frame (Amazon) $142
Queen Sheet Set $205

Grand Total: $2,395

Amortized over 25 year guarantee period: $95/year.

I’d say i’m joking but the bed has a 25-year expected life, my grandparents have percale sheets they got for their wedding (just celebrated their 50th), so yeah I’m intending on keeping this for a LONG time. The bed frame I’ll hopefully replace if I ever can afford to. I don’t expect it to survive as long.