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Ebanel Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Acne Wash with Tea Tree Oil, 8 Oz Maximum Strength Acne Treatment, Acne Face Body Wash Cleanser for Teens & Adults, Reduce Redness & Inflammation, Prevent Future Breakouts?

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31st Aug 2020

My current routine is very simple (going to slowly try to add in new stuff):

Morning wash with Cetaphil and then moisturize with CeraVe. Night wash with this benzoyl peroxide wash and then moisturize with CeraVe. I occasionally apply this glycolic acid after washing. Originally, the glycolic acid made me break out a little when I used it every day, so I’m going about every three or four days right now.

I think cranking up the dosage would definitely help. I barely noticed any benefit until I went on 80mg daily, but my side effects (the rashes in particular) came on quickly and eventually persuaded me to stop. If I were to redo my experience, I wish I would have gotten to 60mg earlier and stayed on that longer (a balance between a higher dosage while not having the rough side effects). But as this sub shows, experiences drastically vary from person to person.