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Eazyclips LED Clip on Desk Lamp – Versatile Table Light – Two Brightness Levels?

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22nd Oct 2017

I wasn’t a fan of the stock light so I use this one from Amazon.

It has two settings, I keep it on the bright setting just a couple inches from the surface of the water. Sometimes at night I put it on the dim setting. I also have it on a timer and run it for a total of 8 hours a day, split into 2 4-hour photoperiods with 2 hours of “off” time in between.

As far as ferts go, I dose a half-dose of Flourish and Flourish Trace with every water change, because my water is extremely nutrient poor. I also add a few pieces of crushed coral every once in a while to my filter, as well as a partial Indian Almond leaf whenever the old one disintegrates.

I have to dose with Seachem Equilibrium to bump up the GH because mine is 1 out of the tap.

I’ll likely poke some small chunks of flourish tabs into the substrate in a month or two.

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1st Feb 2018

I use this on my fluval spec and I love it. I clip it to my table and bend it up and over the top. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L4BL0E8/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdo_t1_q3QCAbYRXD3S3