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[Easy to Set] Small LED Digital Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Simple Bedside Alarm Clock with 65-90dB Adjustable Loud Volume, 0-100% Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Dual Alarm, USB Charger, Battery Backup?

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2nd Apr 2021

I did quite a bit of looking recently for a good bedside alarm clock. I found this one that I like very much as it has all the features I wanted:



  1. Inexpensive – $18
  2. Dual alarms
  3. Large, easy to read face
  4. Adjustable brightness
  5. Adjustable alarm volume (65 to 90db)
  6. Adjustable Snooze time (1 to 15 minutes)
  7. Easy to set time AND alarms (has +/- for hours and minutes separately)
  8. Battery backup
  9. Clock displays (and alarm functions) when using backup battery
  10. USB charging port

The only con is that I need to review the instructions when adjusting the snooze time. Everything else is awesomely intuitive.

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9th Nov 2020

Amazon Listing: Small Digital Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with 95dB Extra Loud Alarm, USB Charger, Dual Alarm, LED Display, Battery Backup, Desk/Bedside Alarm Clock for Bedroom – White
by Lielongren

This alarm has an optional battery compartment that uses 2 AAA batteries to keep the time and sound off the alarm. During a power outage, it will still sound off the alarm, even though the screen will turn off (to save battery). You can set two separate alarms, enable both, either, or neither, and changing the times for the alarms is very simple and very easy. It is sufficiently loud to wake up heavy sleepers; you would have to be genuinely deaf to sleep through it. All it does is keep the time, set alarms, and wake you up with a loud beeping sound. The display also has a gradual brightness that allows for an infinite range between “Off” and “Aggressive Night Light”

It also has a separate 5V/1A USB port on the back in case you want to use it to charge your phone or other device.

This is exactly what I needed, and it took far too long to find. It doesn’t have any frills. The design is basic, but at least it’s not ugly. It doesn’t do anything more than ensure that you are never late for work or school, and it performs its function perfectly.