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EAMATE 0.5L Portable Travel Electric Kettle Suitable For Traveling Cooking, Boiling (White)?

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22nd Dec 2020

i just picked up this kettle online and i’m quite happy with it. wide opening allowing you to use any size tongs to pick up the cylinder easily. it boils quickly, shuts off automatically, and (very importantly) doesn’t beep at any point. it’s quite small and portable which is why i like it for traveling with my flair.

though i haven’t tried using a moka pot, I don’t see how it’d be better than boiling the cylinder in the water. for one, when you steam it, it only starts to get hot once the water has reached a rolling boil. when it’s in direct contact with the water, it’s heating the entire time. also, my moka pot has very poor heat conduction and takes forever to boil water as compared to a kettle, either stovetop or electric. i also don’t see the benefit of heating two separate things at once when you can combine the two into one and have fewer things to worry about. i’m sure you’d get a hot cylinder from a moka pot, but there’s only so much heat the cylinder can absorb, so I don’t think you’ll see it getting comparatively hotter with one method or another, it’s just about how quickly you can get it to max temperature.