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Eagletec KG011-R Mechanical Keyboard Blue Switches 104 Lighted Keys Natural Ergonomic Aluminum Design for Windows PC Office and Gaming (White Keyboard Rainbow Backlit)?

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6th Mar 2017

I have a royal kludge rg928 (https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1521) with greetech browns instead of kailh browns (which imo feel really good too). Stock keycaps are almost untouched, but I’ll have to dig around a bit to find them (I replaced them when I got the board with some of my own) and LEDs are all full functioning and have barely been used (because my keycaps aren’t shine through so I almost never have backlighting on anyways).

PM me if you’re interested

Edit: I also have one of these:


from massdrop with Outemu blues (which are pretty loud click) but is also RGB and pretty cheap. Keycaps lightly used but again were replaced shortly after I got the keyboard. Same dealio with the LEDs pretty much.