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E-BLUE USA Auroza Gaming Chair, High Grade PU Leather, PC Racing Bucket Seat, Office Ergonomic Computer Esports Desk Executive EEC305B?

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31st Jan 2017

Thanks for the tip about no center post. That makes a lot of sense!

I’m not sure if this is a stupid idea but is it possible to have a race-style gaming chair like the E-Blue Auroza Gaming Chair with the GT Omega Steering Wheel stand that you linked?

I’m asking since if I get a roller chair, then I can also replace my current crappy computer chair and just slide the racing chair in front of my projector screen when I want to sim race. Actually sliding back shouldn’t be too much of an issue since I can brace the chair in front of my couch/bed. So the question is more of if a chair like that works well with sim racing.