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E-3lue EKM725 Waterproof Colorful Backlit Professional Gaming Keyboard with 22 Non-Conflict Keys, 8 Switchable Backlight Colors (White)?

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27th May 2016

Hmmm. OK. A few options that are around $50.

If you want a membrane keyboard that’s pretty at a more reasonable price point, check out the E-3lue EKM725, $33. That’s a membrane keyboard, also with a white case and adjustable RGB lighting. I’m not familiar with the manufacturer, and I haven’t used one of these myself, but it seems to have decent Amazon reviews. You can see the lighting in this video (it looks a lot better in the video). I think it looks best with the multicolored breathing pattern, at 60 or 100%. There are others on Amazon that are around the $30 price point that I think are pretty, like this one and this one. I’d look for videos online to check out how they sound and how their lighting looks.

If you do want to try a mechanical keyboard, there’s the Royal Kludge RG-987, $74. That’s a mechanical keyboard with a white case, adjustable RGB backlighting, and Greetech Brown switches. That’s the cheapest, decent-quality Brown switch keyboard I can find that’s still very attractive. A good buy, I would say. Most of the cheaper mechanical keyboards out there use Blue switches. No numeric keypad on this one, though. That’s a common drawback of “enthusiast” mechanical keyboards.

I think that one can be very pretty too with the right lighting settings. If you’re wondering, Greetech switches are functionally similar to Cherry MX switch types, maybe with a slightly different tactile feel. The colors still mean the same things.

And so you know, you can switch out the key caps on the Royal Kludge (not sure about the others) if you really love customization and prettifying your keyboards. Lots of manufacturers also sell key caps by themselves. I think it looks OK on its own, but it’s an option.