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DYNMC YOU Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, Nordic Grey Firm, Comfortable for Home, Travel, or Office Footrests Desk, Washable Oeko-TEX Cover, Non- Slip Grip Footrest, with Rocking Ergonomic Design?

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24th Jan 2021

I’m 173 and the Icon is a perfect fit, I can place my feet flat on the ground when the chair is all the way down, head is at the right level for the pillow, and I picked up this foot pillow thing which made sitting SO much more comfortable – raise the chair a bit, engage the rocking function and lean back a bit.

At your height the Icon is probably the only one that would really be meant to accommodate you appropriately but with a foot cushion you’d have more flexibility with chair height. Don’t know about the backrest size though, your head might end up a bit low on the seat back.