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DXRacer Racing Series OH/RV001/NW Office Gaming Chair?

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25th Jul 2016

I went down the computer chair upgrade rabbit hole not too long ago and ended up purchasing a DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NW. To be quite honest, I completely regret it.

For reference, I’m 5’11” and about 150 lbs.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • The chair is extremely narrow. I’m a fairly small guy. I couldn’t imagine someone any larger than me sitting comfortably in this thing. If you’re not planning on sitting straight up with both feet on the floor at all times, you won’t like it.
  • The butt pad and arm rests have very little cushioning. After watching the videos of people mashing down on the butt cushion and seeing it give, I thought it would have sufficient padding. I now realize that those guys must have been pushing on the chair with the force of a thousand men. It’s not the hardest cushion I’ve ever sat on, but I wouldn’t say it’s “soft.” As far as the arm rests go, I had to buy a couple armrest cushions from amazon because these things were killing my elbows after gaming for 30 minutes.
  • Speaking of the armrests, if I hadn’t bought the model with the swivel armrests, I would have returned the chair. If I play games with a mouse and keyboard, I leave the armrests pointed basically straight at the desk in a centered position. If I try to play a game with a controller, my arms typically go by my sides with my hands resting on my lap. If I don’t rotate the armrests in this chair to where they are as far out as possible, my arms will simply not fit by my sides. Once again, I’m a pretty small dude. I couldn’t imagine being able to play a game with a controller even with the armrests adjusted on a larger person. I’m assuming you’d have to buy the wider chair which I believe costs more.
  • The back and neck support pads feel like gimmicks at best. I have both of them on there currently because the chair is so damn uncomfortable without them. The backrest is almost impossible to keep in place and it constantly slides down. The headrest is not so bad once you finally get it attached and broken in a bit.
  • The recliner is a cool feature, but after reclining like 2 inches, what’s the point? The arm rests don’t come with you. I promise that you’re not going to be laid back in this thing with your arms tucked to your side trying to watch a movie or anything. It just feels a little pointless other than making minute adjustments.
  • Staying on the reclining topic, my reclining handle was “broken” when I got it. I was on the verge of returning it when I contacted the seller to inform them of the issue. I got an email back saying that it was common to receive a chair that was bent and gave me a video to fix it. If this issue is so common that they have a video to fix it, why not just fix this issue before sending the chairs out?
  • I will say that it does have good build quality though. I feel like I could back over this thing with a truck and it still wouldn’t break. You can recline it all the way back to almost horizontal (not sure why you would want to) and it still wouldn’t flip over.

I only kept the chair because I live in an apartment, assembled the chair, and decided it wasn’t worth the headache to go through all the BS to return the thing. Every day that I sit down in it I regret the money I spent. It’s uncomfortable, expensive (for what I got), looks ridiculous, and frustrates me more than the 13 year old that keeps picking Hanzo on my team in Overwatch.

Spend your money elsewhere and be comfortable.

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1st Feb 2016

This is the one i ordered (although I can only see a pink option ATM).