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DXRacer Iron Series DOH/IS88/N Newedge Edition Office Chair X Large PC Gaming Chair Computer Chair Executive Chair Ergonomic Rocker with Pillows (Black)?

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30th May 2017

ive had my dxracer iron series for around a year and a half now and while i like it overall, it really isnt the best chair for long term sitting in my opinion. i work from home now so am in this thing for 8-12 hours a day and i am really wishing it had more adjustment points than it does. when i was only in it a few hours after work most days it wasnt an issue, but i just dont think its good for as long as im in it now. the build quality is amazing and it feels like it will last forever at least. but i am actually close to buying a new chair with more adjustments, so i can really dial it in for not only comfort but enough support to not leave me sore or worn out. also, it gets incredibly hot and sweaty with the materials. my next chair will be at least a mesh back, as i see the value of that so much more now.

this is what i have for reference, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AY7KX9G/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

i was thinking of this one, though it is much more than $300 http://www.thehumansolution.com/raynor-ergohuman-chair-me7erg.html

but i just saw this one on there on sale for $329 and it looks pretty nice with the adjustments i want and mesh back. http://www.thehumansolution.com/uplift-pursuit-ergonomic-chair.html

ive sat in an aeron chair for a few months at my last job, and they are quite nice. i wanted a high back though, or at least a headrest, but the chair i was in didnt have either so i wasnt too thrilled with it. overall very nice chairs though, you at only 5’4″ might find it to be perfectly tall enough though. im 6’2″ with an abnormally tall torso so im sure i fit in chairs very differently lol