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DVRT The Ultimate Sandbag Training System: For Dynamic Power, Superior Athletic Performance and Enduring Strength?

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26th Sep 2018

From the DVRT Sandbag Training System book:

> The simple answer is YES! Of course, you have to remain consistent with other important factors such as nutrition and sleep. Seeing the amazing results people get from applying the DVRT system even surprises me at times. It is the adherence to a program – based upon strong principles and using an amazing tool – that seems to bring about such change.

Naturally, I own the book above, and while there is a chapter in the book about DVRT programming, the “programming” still leaves a lot of unanswered questions. It’s not as rigid and structured as traditional free weight programs like Madcow or BBB 531. You’re better off figuring out what movements you want to improve in, and create your own workouts with exercises that are specific to those movements, starting with the basic movements and exercises and progressing to more complex ones from there.

Nevertheless, you can build size in various parts of your body, especially your core. Is it the most effective way to build mass? No, but that’s an obvious one.

In my opinion, the best use of sandbags isn’t for mass. It’s for General Physical Preparedness and sports-specific training. Mass gain doesn’t care what tools you use, as long as your diet is in check to produce mass gain.