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DURGOD RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Tactile & Clicky Cherry MX Blue Switches – Programmable 16.8 Million Color LED Backlit and Illuminated Side Light – USB Wired TKL 87 Key N-Key Rollover – Black?

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7th Jun 2020

This is a good choice. Since the stock keycaps are cheap laser-ablated ABS, you’ll want to replace them with something like this PBT set.

Edit: If haven’t redeemed them yet you could also sell your Amazon gift cards and buy a Ducky One 2 TKL.

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16th Jun 2020

Keychron won’t ship to India: https://www.keychron.com/pages/shipping-policy

Regarding Durgod k320, ebay.in used to have global easy buy, can’t see that anymore, maybe I missing something. I don’t trust ebay though! Amazon.in is selling for Rs. 31,319 looks like a fake listing.

In the Pre-Covid times I would have asked you to find someone who can carry this while coming over, but that’s not happening. The only option is to buy it and ship it to a forwarding address, they can then ship it to you. Either way you’ll be paying ~40% duties + import fees + expiditing charges which could mark up the price almost by 100%. Which means, if you are willing to pay all of that.

The total costs would be:

  • $99 (keyboard) + $7.25 (tax)
  • $40 (shipping) +
  • $3 (shipitto processing)
  • $7 (shipitto paper work printing)
  • $30 (expedite fee, DHL/UPS will charge this)
  • $40 (max import duties)
  • Total: $226.25 ~ Rs. 17,161.06, still cheaper than Amazon India.


If someone brings it for you the cost will $99+tax (wherever they live in the US)