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Durgod K320 Nebula TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 87 Keys – Double Shot PBT – USB Type C (Cherry Brown, RGB)?

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18th Sep 2021

Ducky has said nothing about resuming production, and the chip shortage is expected to last well into 2022. Though they may find a way to start production again, I probably wouldn’t wait. They aren’t the end all be all at this point, you can get similar features elsewhere.

Main one up here probably being the Durgod K320 Nebula. Similar feature set, and well reviewed overall. My brother picked up the non-backlit version of it a while ago, and it’s definitely one of the nicer pre-builts I’ve had my hands on.

If you don’t want to spend that though, and still want RGB, I just wouldn’t go lower than something like this Drevo. It’s going to be a step down in the keycap department, and quality control on budget stuff is always more of a gamble, but at least it has the basic 3 switches available, and proper customizable lighting.

Hi there! I’m new to this subreddit. Has anyone come across Mac PBT Keycaps that are backlit-friendly? I’m looking into buying a mechanical keyboard that has backlighting, and I would prefer to have the Mac keys. Please advise! Thank you!

For reference, I’m considering the following keyboards:

  1. Durgod K320 Nebula TKL
  2. Razer Huntsman TE TKL

I don’t care that much for RGB, just wanted to try something new. If there really isn’t an option, I’ll likely go with the upcoming Keychron K8 or Varmilo VA87M (Mac)