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Ducky One Rainbow (Cherry MX Brown) Keyboard?

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15th Nov 2017

Well, I cede. I guess I’m just biased towards Ducky. That and I don’t really see the point of buying a bog standard full-size with cherry switches over Kailh or Gateron at this point.

Back on topic, the Ducky One RGB is the closest one I could find to what you’re looking for. I personally love Ducky’s build quality, but I’ve never owned a iKBC, so I can’t really compare the two fairly.

Here’s a cheaper version of the keyboard with more subdued lighting and a rainbow on the spacebar. Tesoro and Zalman both make similar keyboards, but with ABS keycaps. Filco and Leopold both make them, but they’re from Japan and it ends up being quite expensive. Sorry I couldn’t find anything.