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Ducky Cotton Candy SA Keycaps 108 ABS Doubleshot Set for Ducky Keyboards or MX Compatible Standard Layout – 108 SA Type Keycap Set – (Cotton Candy)?

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20th May 2021

Ducky Cotton Candy, MX style. They are pretty thick so I’m not sure you will have any light going through them necessarily.

I got mine on Amazon ->


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5th Dec 2021

You can get Ducky SA profile keycaps on Amazon if you do not want to wait. They also have cheaper options if you do not care about quality. KBDFans also carries some, but you will have to wait on shipping. They also have a few KAT, although these are more difficult to find obviously.

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3rd May 2021

The price will depend on your layout. There are sets out there, it just takes some digging. aliexpress and amazon will likely have the best prices. If you’re not in a hurry you could probably find a good ebay deal on some used ones.


These are pretty popular if you don’t mind a different profile